Rock music from Toledo, OH


Amanda Belt:  Guitar, voices

Jefferson Camacho: Bass guitar, sweat

Jess Hancock: Drums, voices

Eric Pilcher:  Keys, guitar, voices

We each can’t help but make our different noises in opposition and harmony with other people.  We talk in colors and sign language.  We add and subtract with vowels and contractions.  We are just trying to be human.  We do not know what to call what we do.  We are making it up as we go along.  We feel like this is the best way to go.  We encourage you to, too.  To be human too.

Our songs have bounced from the walls of haunted old attic spaces, syncopating with spirits.  They have stretched their legs in turn-of-the-century hotel rooms, rubbed their muzzles against those ancient musks.  They have been rubbed in grit and oil of old, cold garages.  They have became strange and delightful monstrosities that smell like all of those those old rooms to us.  We don’t know what to call them, but we love them anyway.